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We Are Up & Running Again (At Last) !!

Sorry to everyone for the delay in updating our Facebook and website but COVID really did hit our time and manpower.

That said, we are delighted to have been up and running again recently and have already operated 5 tours.

4 more are heading out this month and 4 more in September too.

Details of all our 2021 tours will be confirmed later this week and a preview list of over 40 superb adventures plus day trips and overnighters are not far away either.

We have a wonderful 2022 Open Day/Brochure Launch planned for the end of September and firstly, we’re are excited to launch our brand new logo and colours on Facebook live THIS Wednesday……

Many new adventures await in 2022 and not just in the UK. We hope you continue your journey with us and we will be back in touch very soon.

Happy Holidays.


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