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2024 is here - Lets Holiday!

WELCOME our EIGHTH Summer Holiday brochure as all about TOURS!

     There has certainly been a lot happening in the many months that have passed as the world begins to get over (or come to terms with the Covid-19 outbreak).  Many companies & industries suffered greatly as a result, but we remain here - and ready to bring you some amazing - and often unique, new holidays for 2024!


     There are many regular destinations & hotels featured, including THREE holidays to the hugely popular Royal York & Faulkner Hotel in Sidmouth - for Easter, during the Folk Festival & a festive stay as well.  The incredible Thursford Christmas Show, Isle of Wight & Eastbourne. There are also no less than TWELVE holidays featuring at least one rail journey, with our Ultimate’ Northern Tracks tour on page 15 possible the unique pick of them!


   Our early ‘Get Together’ in 2023 in Whitby was a huge success & great fun - with many of those there rebooking for the 2024 break in Llandudno (p4).  It really is a great chance to kick the new year off in style and meet up with many old friends as well as make new ones too.  Everybody is welcome, as long as you’re fun!


  Despite the closure of our Long Eaton retail shop in July 2023, the response has been superb from everybody and this now gives us the flexibility in 2024 to reach out to many of the towns & villages that we have unintentionally missed and who may feel forgotten.  Local markets, village fates, summer festivals and such is where you will find us - and an online diary found on our website will keep you all informed by the time we reach 2024.  You can now call us Monday-Friday, from 9am to 5pm in our new extended office hours.


  Plans remain afoot to return to being able to offer a selection of cruises, rail, river & air holidays for 2024-25 and details of these will also feature on our website in the spring of 2024!

We hope you find one (or more) of these adventures interesting &

that we see you boarding a holiday coach with all about TOURS in the

near future…..    Thank you for your ongoing loyalty & support. 

   All About TOURS is all about you!  Happy Holidays in 2024, 

       Martin Laver, MD  


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